This website displays a selection of images from my travels. There are images of the remains of ancient civilizations and the constructions of contemporary ones; images of light and color; of nature and natural phenomena; of the environment, of plants and animals; images of mountains, forests and oceans. There are images of seemingly random objects that nonetheless caught my attention and I hope will catch yours as well. 

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Images are arranged in groups and galleries, by theme and location. The upper thumbnail section on this page has links to featured galleries and Notecard selections. Images in this upper section are copies of images that are in the main, All Galleries section. There will be a special section on astronomical observatories and telescopes of all ages, as well as interesting astronomical phenomena that I photographed.

A selection of the images displayed are available for sale in several formats. Please contact me for further information:  [email protected] .


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Notecards - Peru

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Notecards - Maya

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Notecards - Maya